Updates C_hin_a – Visa and Finance

Thanks for your prayers and support.

o pozaWednesday 03/04/2017 We was at the C_hin_a embassy to applied for 2 months visa. The documents were accepted, which is a good sign, but we will only get the final answer Wednesday, April 12th 2017. We had some emotions when we have processed the documents because they were interested in more details, but we believe that Jesus is with us and will do wonders (especially because demand tourist visa for two months).
In recent days we have experienced various attacks from the evil that is trying to discourage us to travel and dreaming with God. Our car broke,  the house heating system damaged, Nathanael had trouble at the kindergarten , small things but we feel it as an attack from the enemy.

We are preparing to go to Albania for the next 5 days for our European YWAM staff gathering and we are traveling by car, hope nothing happens – pray for us.
Thanks for the financial support towards us, God blessed through you money for visa and some money for flights (we have 1050 euro 3000 euro how many we need).
Please continue to pray with us for:
– to receive visa
– protection during this time we can stay rooted in Jesus, no matter what the enemy will try to do to discourage us
– cheap flights with short stopovers (because we travel with our children we plan to take as short stopover tickets, tickets direct from Budapest are very expensive).


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