Humanitarian aid trip to Ukraine

What did I discovered while visiting Ukraine and the workers there

In May, when I managed to get there for the first time, after the war started, I found some shocked people in Ukraine.

One of the first things they told us

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Calatoria cu ajutoare umanitare in Ukraina

Ce am descoperit vizitand Ukraina si misionarii de acolo

In luna mai cand am reusit sa ajung pentru prima data, dupa inceperea razboiului, in Ukraina am gasit niste oameni scocati.

Printre primele lucruri pe care ni le-au spus a fost ca ei sunt inca in stare de soc si inca nu le vine sa creada ca experimenteaza asta – incet, spuneau ei, incepem sa realizam ca e realitate si incepem sa jelim cee ce am pierdut sau pierdem.

Avem inca nevoie de timp sa ne revenim din soc si sa putem jeli, mai ales, spunea una dintre familiile pe care am intalnit-o, realitate ca a trebui sa fugim din casa (ei locuiesc langa Kiev, intrunul dintre satele care a fost puternic afectat de bombardamente).

Un alt lucru

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Cand speranta lumii moare, Speranta / Lumina lui Dumnezeu straluceste mai tare

Report din calatoria misionara in Orientul Mijlociu  

Prin harul Domnului am reusit sa mergem  pentru o saptamana in Orientul Mijlociu. Am visat de mult sa merg din nou acolo si sa pot duce si alti romani cu mine pentru a vedea cum lucrează Dumnezeu in alte zone ale lumii si sa iubeasca alte natiuni, si de data aceasta am reusit sa merg cu inca 3 romani. 

Cand a inceput razboiul in Ucraina ne-am gandid sa anulam plecarea, dar am simtit ca Dumnezeu ne incuraja sa continuam sa planificam si sa nu anulam plecarea. Asa am ajuns pe data de 11 Martie, cu un zbor direct de aproxomativ 2.5 ore, la destinatie. 

Am ajuns acolo dimineata la 4 si primele impresii avute au fost legate de frigul care era acolo (era mai cald ca in Romania, dar in interiorul clădirilor nu aveau sistem de incalzire si temperatura din interior era aceeasi cu cea din exterior – in jur de 12 grade) si lipsa de electricitate (aveam electricitate doar in anumite intervale de timp, si nu intodeauna suficienta putere pentru a avea aparatele de aer conditionat pornite pentru a mai incalzi). Am crezut ca lipsa eletricitatii si a luminii este ceea ce definea si cultura si stare spirituala din natiune, dar urma sa aflam destul de repede ca nu era asa. 

Am intalnit acolo multi frati foarte

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When the hope of the world dies, the Hope / Light of God shines brighter

Report from the missionary trip to the Middle East

When the war in Ukraine began, we thought about canceling the departure, but we felt that God was encouraging us to keep planning and not to cancel the departure. That’s how I arrived on March 11, with a direct flight of about 2.5 hours, to my destination.

By the grace of the Lord, we were able to go to the Middle East for a week. I have long dreamed of going there again and being able to take other Romanians with me to see how God works in other parts of the world and to love other nations, and this time I managed to go with 3 more Romanians.

I got there at 4 in the morning and the first impressions were related to the cold that was there (it was warmer than in Romania, but inside the buildings they did not have a heating system and the temperature inside was the same as outside – around 12 degrees) and lack of electricity (I only had electricity at certain intervals, and not always enough power to have the air conditioners turned on to heat). I thought that was what defined the culture and spiritual state of the nation, but we found out soon enough that it was not so.

There I met

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Outreach in Middle East  

First time we went to Middle East I was so afraid of that part of the world because our understanding was that in this countries live only terrorists. I remember the day we flew, there was war in Syria, there was a conflict between Israel and Gaza Strip (we couldn’t fly over Israel, we had to do a deflection and go over Egypt) and war in Ukraine. We were so scared, but we strongly  felt that God wanted us there. We stayed there for 2 weeks and it was a time of healing (our minds of thinking bad about the people living in that area) and vision – since then we are in love with the Middle East. 

Since we have been first time in Middle East in 2014 our heart

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Report and lessons from DRCongo outreach 

On the aircraft runway

We arrived in DR Congo in the city of Goma and we traveled by boat, to lake Kivu, to Bukavu where we had our first seminar for pastors and leaders and attended a few churches. 

When we gave the Bibles

We run a seminar for pastors and leaders for a few days in Bukavu. We had an average of 80 pastors and leaders for 3 days. Our team has worked so well together, God has moved hearts. One day we talked about the calling to go to the ends of the earth and we prayed together for the 250 ethnic groups that are in DR Congo. We saw 19 young people commit themselves to make steps in bringing the Gospel to others, to go out as missionaries. Praise God!

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