ce spun alții despre Tineri Pentru Misiune

Brother Andrew

Brother AndrewTineri Pentru Misiune… Ei fac lucruri despre care se merită să scrii. Ba mai mult: Se merită să-i susții! Chiar mai mult: merită să li te alături .

[Brother Andrew (Fratele Andrei), Președintele Open Doors (Uși Deschise)]



Rebecca Saint James

Rebecca Saint James, musicianMy life has been so powerfully impacted by missions. I’ve been involved with trips to India, Calcutta, India, to Romania, Bucharest, Romania, to Ecuador. And I just have seen God move through those trips powerfully in my life and seen how God uses that to change people’s lives in those countries. I have had some very close friends of mine who have worked with Youth With A Mission and been on mission trips and their lives have been radically turned around by working with this ministry. So, I encourage people considering going on a missions trip to link up with YWAM because it is an incredible ministry.

[Rebecca Saint James, muzician]


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