Pieces from missionary life – July 2017


God protected us, thank you for the prayers

v5gufvftlof59q9nkpt9It was seven in the morning and we were going to the airport. We were sleepy and cramped in the back of the car eagerly waiting to get to the airport. It was an ordinary trip on the highway but nothing could have predicted what was going to happen.

In a split-second a wild animal jumped in front of the car. The driver got scared and suddenly pulled the steering wheel and for a couple of seconds the card skidded. We were prepared in any moment for the car to flip over. We can’t explain how the car stayed on the road not even today, but we are sure that God protected us. Continue reading


Franturi din viata de misionari – Iulie 2017


Dumnezeu ne-a protejat, multumim de rugaciuni

v5gufvftlof59q9nkpt9Era dimineata in jurul orei 7 si mergeam cu masina spre aeroport. Eram adormiti si inghesuiti toti in spatele masinii si asteptam cu nerabdare sa ajungem in aeroport. Era o calatorie normala pe autobanda si nimic nu prevestea ce urma sa se intample.

Intr-o fractiune de secunda un animal salbatic a aparut in fata masinii care mergea cu  aproximativ 100 km/h. Soferul s-a speriat, Continue reading

C+h_ina updates

45664      Rejoice  with us and be thankful to Jesus, we received visa for 60 days and we were able to take the flight to Bj.
      So we already do the luggage because we’re leaving on May 10th, and we’ll be back on July 4th. If you are on c_hine_se earth  let meet for a green tea.
      Thank you so much for your support, we are just waiting to bring you news from T64654654
      We also greatly thank you for financial assistance, we have been able to pay for visas and tickets to Beijing (which have proven to be slightly more expensive than we expect) and we also have some money for the rest of the costs (tickets from B  to X, accommodation, food, insurance, etc.). The need to cover the spending budget is 1200 euros.
Budget mission C_h
Visa 240 ron * 4 persons = 960 ron = 215 euro
Trip to Bucharest – 230 ron = 50 euro
Budapest-B flights – 480 euros * 3 persons = 1440 euros
Transport to Budapest and back – 440 ron = 100 euro
B-X transport – 180 euro * 3 persons = 540 euro
Food – 300 euros
Accommodation – 150 euro
Insurance 530 ron = 120 euros
Conference (we want to attend a meeting with all the workers in the area to know a legal relationship for the future when we move there) = 150 euro
Various / urgent – 200 euros (in case of medical emergencies we have to pay for it and when we return to the country we will receive money from insurance)
Total – 3300 euros, of which we already have (I paid a part) 2050 euros
If you want to be with us and financially you can make donations to our account (here)

Continue reading

C_hin_a update

45664     Bucurati-va impreuna cu noi si multumiti lui Isus, am primit viza pentru 60 de zile si am reusit sa luam biletele de avion spre B_eijin_g.

    Asa ca deja facem bagajele pentru ca pe 10 mai plecam, si ne intoarcem abia pe 4 iulie. Daca cumva sunteti pe pamant chinezesc ne intalnim la un ceai verde.

     Multumim mult pentru sustinerea voastra, abia asteptam sa va aducem vesti din64654654 T_ibe_t.

     Multumim mult de asemenea  si pentru sistinerea financiara, am reusit sa platim vizele si biletele de avion pana in Beijing (care s-au dovedit un pic mai scumpe decat ne asteptam noi), si avem si o parte din bani pentru restul cheltuielilor  (bilete de avion din Beijing, cazare, mancare, asigurare, etc). Nevoia de a acoperi bugetul de cheltuieli este de 1200 euro.

Buget misiune C_hin_a

  • Viza 240 ron*4 persoane= 960 ron=215 euro
  • Drum Bucuresti – 230 ron=50 euro
  • Bilete de avion Budapesta-Beijing – 480 euro*3 persoane=1440 euro
  • Transport la Budapesta si inapoi – 440 ron=100 euro
  • Transport Beijing- Xining – 180 euro*3 persoane=540 euro
  • Mancare – 300 euro
  • Cazare – 150 euro
  • Asigurare 530 ron=120 euro
  • Conferinta (vrem sa participam la o cenferinta cu toti lucratorii din zona pentru ai cunoaste si a lega relatii pentru viitor cand ne vom muta acolo) = 150 euro
  • Diverse/urgente – 200 euro (in caz de urgente medicale trebuie sa platim noi, iar la intoarcerea in tara vom primi bani de la asigurare)

Total – 3300 euro, din care deja avem (o parte am platit) 2050 euro

Daca vrei sa fi alaturi de noi si financiar poti sa faci donatii in conturile noastre (aici)

Updates C_hin_a – Visa and Finance

Thanks for your prayers and support.

o pozaWednesday 03/04/2017 We was at the C_hin_a embassy to applied for 2 months visa. The documents were accepted, which is a good sign, but we will only get the final answer Wednesday, April 12th 2017. We had some emotions when we have processed the documents because they were interested in more details, but we believe that Jesus is with us and will do wonders (especially because demand tourist visa for two months).
In recent days we have experienced various attacks from the evil that is trying to discourage us to travel and dreaming with God. Our car broke,  the house heating system damaged, Nathanael had trouble at the kindergarten , small things but we feel it as an attack from the enemy.

We are preparing to go to Albania for the next 5 days for our European YWAM staff gathering and we are traveling by car, hope nothing happens – pray for us.
Thanks for the financial support towards us, God blessed through you money for visa and some money for flights (we have 1050 euro 3000 euro how many we need).
Please continue to pray with us for:
– to receive visa
– protection during this time we can stay rooted in Jesus, no matter what the enemy will try to do to discourage us
– cheap flights with short stopovers (because we travel with our children we plan to take as short stopover tickets, tickets direct from Budapest are very expensive).

Update C_hin_a – Viza si finante

Multumiri din inima pentru rugaciunile si sustinerea voastra. 

o pozaMiercuri 3-4-2017 am fost la ambasada C_hin_ei si am depus actele pentru viza. Actele au fost acceptat, ceea ce este un semn bun, dar raspunsul final il vom primi doar Miercuri, 12 Aprilie 2017. Am avut cateva emotii cand ne-au procesat actele pentru ca au fost interesati de multe detalii, dar credem ca Isus e cu noi si va face minuni poentru noi (in special datorita faptului ca cerem viza de turism pentru 2 luni).
In ultimele zile am experimentat diferite atacuri din partea celui rau care incearca sa ne descurajeze in acalatorii si a visa cu Dumnezeu. S-a stricat masina, s-a stricat centrala de la casa, Natanael a avut probleme la gradinita, situati mici dar care le simtim ca un atac din partea dusmanului.
Multumim si de sustinerea financiara, Dumnezeu ne-a binecuvantat prin voi cu bani de viza si o parte din banii pentru biletele de avion (avem 1050 euro din 3000 euro cati avem nevoie).
Continuati sa va rugati impreuna cu noi pentru:
– sa primim viza
– protectie in perioada aceastasa putem sta puternici ancorati in Isus, indiferent de ce va incerca dusmanul sa faca pentru a ne descuraja
– bilete de avion ieftine si cu escala scurta (pentru ca vom calatorii cu copiii ne gandim sa luam bilete cu escala cat mai scurta, biletele directe din Budapesta sunt foarte scumpe)