Frânturi din viața de misionari – Februarie 2018


De cand citesc Biblia viata mea s-a schimbat radical

In luna Octombrie ne-am intors in satul Floresti sa vedem ce au facut oamenii cu Biblia primita. Am aflat ca unii nu primisera (fie nu au fost acasa cand am mers noi, fie nu isi mai aduceau aminte), unii primisera dar nu au citit, iar unii au citit in ea sporadic. Dar am avut 2 persoane care ne-au impartasit ceva foarte diferit ce ceilalti.

A doua persoana care ne-a surprins cu raspunsul ei a fost o doamna de varsta a 3-a care ne-a povestit ca a primit de la noi o Biblie si a inceput sa citeasca in ea.

TPM – cum s-a schimbat viata dumneavoastra de cand cititi Biblia? – era o intrebare in chestionarul pe care il foloseam sa aflam rezultatul actiunii de distribuire

Doamna – radical s-a schimbat viata mea

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CEAI (Cine Este Acest Isus) 2018

logo-ceai            Anul trecut, in primavara, am inceput o serie de intalniri dedicate special tinerilor din Medias, Scopul era de a vorbi despre Cine Este Acest Isus si oferi un loc unde tinerii vor fi ascultati si vor primi mangaiere. Am avut aceste intalniri intr-o sala din centrul orasului pe care am inchiriat-o cu ora.

            Am fost surprinsi ca am putut fi un ajutor pentru multi tineri, totul culminand cu Continue reading

De cand citesc Biblia viata mea s-a schimbat radical

unnamedInca din 2016 Dumnezeu ne-a vorbit sa ne focalizam pe distribuirea de Biblii. Nu ni s-a parut potrivit sa facem aceasta gandindu-ne ca majoritatea covarsitoare a romanilor au o Biblie in casa si ar fi energie si finante irosite in proiecte fara sens. Dar Dumnezeu a continuat sa ne provoace sa facem asta si ne-a dat si o strategie cum sa facem – sa mergem la fiecare familie/casa din localitate si sa le daruim o Biblie (sau Nou Testament) provocandu-i in acelasi timp sa citeasca impreuna din ea.

Cu aceastea in gand am vorbit cu Biserica Baptista si Biserica Penticostala din Medias sa ne indrume spre 2 localitati din zona noastra unde ar fi nevoie de un proiect de distributie. Asa am ajuns in Comuna Continue reading

Pieces from missionary life – July 2017


God protected us, thank you for the prayers

v5gufvftlof59q9nkpt9It was seven in the morning and we were going to the airport. We were sleepy and cramped in the back of the car eagerly waiting to get to the airport. It was an ordinary trip on the highway but nothing could have predicted what was going to happen.

In a split-second a wild animal jumped in front of the car. The driver got scared and suddenly pulled the steering wheel and for a couple of seconds the card skidded. We were prepared in any moment for the car to flip over. We can’t explain how the car stayed on the road not even today, but we are sure that God protected us. Continue reading

Franturi din viata de misionari – Iulie 2017


Dumnezeu ne-a protejat, multumim de rugaciuni

v5gufvftlof59q9nkpt9Era dimineata in jurul orei 7 si mergeam cu masina spre aeroport. Eram adormiti si inghesuiti toti in spatele masinii si asteptam cu nerabdare sa ajungem in aeroport. Era o calatorie normala pe autobanda si nimic nu prevestea ce urma sa se intample.

Intr-o fractiune de secunda un animal salbatic a aparut in fata masinii care mergea cu  aproximativ 100 km/h. Soferul s-a speriat, Continue reading

C+h_ina updates

45664      Rejoice  with us and be thankful to Jesus, we received visa for 60 days and we were able to take the flight to Bj.
      So we already do the luggage because we’re leaving on May 10th, and we’ll be back on July 4th. If you are on c_hine_se earth  let meet for a green tea.
      Thank you so much for your support, we are just waiting to bring you news from T64654654
      We also greatly thank you for financial assistance, we have been able to pay for visas and tickets to Beijing (which have proven to be slightly more expensive than we expect) and we also have some money for the rest of the costs (tickets from B  to X, accommodation, food, insurance, etc.). The need to cover the spending budget is 1200 euros.
Budget mission C_h
Visa 240 ron * 4 persons = 960 ron = 215 euro
Trip to Bucharest – 230 ron = 50 euro
Budapest-B flights – 480 euros * 3 persons = 1440 euros
Transport to Budapest and back – 440 ron = 100 euro
B-X transport – 180 euro * 3 persons = 540 euro
Food – 300 euros
Accommodation – 150 euro
Insurance 530 ron = 120 euros
Conference (we want to attend a meeting with all the workers in the area to know a legal relationship for the future when we move there) = 150 euro
Various / urgent – 200 euros (in case of medical emergencies we have to pay for it and when we return to the country we will receive money from insurance)
Total – 3300 euros, of which we already have (I paid a part) 2050 euros
If you want to be with us and financially you can make donations to our account (here)

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