Pieces from missionary life – July 2017


God protected us, thank you for the prayers

v5gufvftlof59q9nkpt9It was seven in the morning and we were going to the airport. We were sleepy and cramped in the back of the car eagerly waiting to get to the airport. It was an ordinary trip on the highway but nothing could have predicted what was going to happen.

In a split-second a wild animal jumped in front of the car. The driver got scared and suddenly pulled the steering wheel and for a couple of seconds the card skidded. We were prepared in any moment for the car to flip over. We can’t explain how the car stayed on the road not even today, but we are sure that God protected us.

We don’t know from how many dangers has God’s strong hand protected us, but we know that we got home safely and encouraged that His protective power is so great.

We thank you so much for the prayers raised before Jesus for our protection, we want to confirm that they were listened to and we saw that very clearly. Thank you very much!


Back home, but with our hearts still there

After several years of waiting and unease we managed 9596-1ato go again in C-hin,a this time together with our kids. It was two long awaited months, in which we had the grace and possibility to visit two house groups, to meet and invest in many local christians, to visit two Tibetan villages on the Tibetan Plateau (over 3500m), to learn a little bit of chinese, to discover the chinese culture (in the apartment we stayed in, which was built on two levels, lived a christian chinese girl), to cook chinese food and pray for the people and places there.

We were quite nervous for the way the children would adapt to a new home and a new context. We worried about the food because it’s very different, but the kids adapted really fast, so much so that Nathanael at the end of the trip was really into chinese food.

We also worried about the way the kids would adapt to a place where they couldn’t understand the language, the children would look different and they couldn’t communicate with them, but we were surprised to see that Nathanael was very open to new things, new people, new languages. He started talking English and even words and expressions in Chinese. He went playing with kids from the building complex in which we stayed in and even if he couldn’t communicate with them through words he found other ways to communicate with them.

A challenge for the kids as well as for us was the fact that the locals were looking intently at us and following us which becomes intimidating and annoying after a while. Nathanael had moments when he hid himself because of this or he didn’t want to go to certain places, but God helped us and we managed to get used to it.

Also, this was a trip in which we wanted to understand what God wants from us in the future regarding C=hin!a. It was a challenging time, but God confirmed us again not to give up investing in C-hin*a and the desire to work with Chinese people hasn’t diminished, but it’s also something for the future.

We can’t move to C!hin!a right now because of our dedication made for YWAM Medias. Three years ago, when we took the responsibility to lead YWAM Medias we promised we’ll stay here until God find a new person or a team to take this responsibility. But it won’t be a passive waiting but an active one, at the same time we’ll wisely seek how to bless C!hin-a and the Chinese people even if we won’t live there, even if we wish to.

Thank you very much for your support, your prayers, encouragement and financial donations were a real help and blessing for us, they helped us making this missionary trip possible.

If you want to see more pictures go here. From security reasons we did not post to many.

Saved through fire from persecutors

maxresdefaultTibet.an Christians in C-hin,a are persecuted for the most part by their families, especially because of their Buddhist faith which is very conservative and closed in which this minority lives.

In the Tibetans Buddhist religious organization there are temples/monasteries where most of the rituals take place. Usually monks live in these temples and they are charged with making the religious rituals.

In the Tibetan Buddhist communities, there is an unwritten law: each person need to pay a fee for the upkeep of these monasteries, temples and those who live in them. For those who have family members in these monasteries they are expected to pay more.

A situation of supernatural protection from God for a Tibetan family that became Christians happened this year in our area. One of the family members (husband’s brother) it’s a Buddhist monk in the monastery close to their home.

When the monks went door to door to collect the taxes they arrived at the family that recently became Christian. They asked for the money, but they said that they are Christians now and they won’t give money for the Buddhist monastery. The leadership got very angry and began putting more and more pressure on them, using their brother-in-law against them who was a monk, but the family didn’t change their decision.

One day the leaders of the community have decided that the punishment for not financially backing the monastery it’s to destroy their home. The bulldozers came to their house and began demolishing the house when suddenly all the workers left in a big hurry. The family didn’t know what to believe, what to expect. They asked the neighbors what happened and they found out that in that moment when they began demolishing, in the neighboring village one of the religious leaders’ homes was on fire. They were called to help extinguish the fire and because of that they gave up in demolishing their house. God used fire to protect his children.


An unexpected situation

miide1-1417111977The current government decided to change the legislation regarding the tax on part-time job contracts (we are part-time employees) and it’s a struggle financially for all of us who work at the Foundation and we need wisdom in our decision.


What’s next?

“Promission” Conference

2556We have been part of the “Promission” Conference last week, a time in which more then 70 young people will get ready to depart for a whole month in August in over 8 missionary locations (India, Uganda, Greece, Jordan, Republic of Moldova, Craiova, Bacau, Sighisoara, Drobeta Turnul Severin) to bring the Gospel and to be helpful and an encouragement for people there and local christians.

We have been part of the Conference with the purpose to prepare those young people from a spiritual point of view but also prepare them in some practical aspects like adapting to a new culture. We have seen miracles happening during this time, young people receiving freedom and vision for thy lives 

We won’t go this year in any of the missions that are part of the “Promission” Festival because we will be part of the Family Camp between 14-19 of August.

You can read the details about the Festival here or check the video here.

Family Camp

family-tiesWe want to be part of this camp for different reasons:

  • even since our first year of marriage we’ve been part of these camps and they were a real help and blessing for our relationship as a couple and a blessing for our relationship with the kids.
  • we got to meet and know families that experienced the same problems as us and we learnt from them how to move forward.
  • we’ve seen people and families changed by God
  • the kids can find a proper setting in which they can enjoy a camp, but at the same time to be together as a family.

We will be in Sacuieu between 14-19 of August and we will work with kids between 6-9 years old and we will invest in families to be stronger, united, and closer to God.

For more details, you can check here.


National Conference

Between 4-9 of September I’ll attend (Dani) the YWAM Annual Meeting in Romania. It will be a period of planning, but also a time to seek the face of God for the next period in our calling as workers of God in this nation.


Pray together with us for:

  • wisdom and strength in all the things we are involved in over the next period

  • guidance for the future regarding our involvement in C!hin.a

  • wisdom in our decision regarding our work cards.


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