C+h_ina updates

45664      Rejoice  with us and be thankful to Jesus, we received visa for 60 days and we were able to take the flight to Bj.
      So we already do the luggage because we’re leaving on May 10th, and we’ll be back on July 4th. If you are on c_hine_se earth  let meet for a green tea.
      Thank you so much for your support, we are just waiting to bring you news from T64654654
      We also greatly thank you for financial assistance, we have been able to pay for visas and tickets to Beijing (which have proven to be slightly more expensive than we expect) and we also have some money for the rest of the costs (tickets from B  to X, accommodation, food, insurance, etc.). The need to cover the spending budget is 1200 euros.
Budget mission C_h
Visa 240 ron * 4 persons = 960 ron = 215 euro
Trip to Bucharest – 230 ron = 50 euro
Budapest-B flights – 480 euros * 3 persons = 1440 euros
Transport to Budapest and back – 440 ron = 100 euro
B-X transport – 180 euro * 3 persons = 540 euro
Food – 300 euros
Accommodation – 150 euro
Insurance 530 ron = 120 euros
Conference (we want to attend a meeting with all the workers in the area to know a legal relationship for the future when we move there) = 150 euro
Various / urgent – 200 euros (in case of medical emergencies we have to pay for it and when we return to the country we will receive money from insurance)
Total – 3300 euros, of which we already have (I paid a part) 2050 euros
If you want to be with us and financially you can make donations to our account (here)


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