Pieces from missionary life – March 2017 – Urgent prayer

Pray with us. Tomorow we go to submit documents for two months visa for C_hin_a.

72f5a72e792176efa0ae66ab34b5fddbWe’re not sure if you should ask for a month visa and to extend there o month more, or ask directly for two months visa. Pray for guidance.

After so many years of waiting, we finally started planning the trip to C_hin_a, scheduled for May-June.
The first step is to apply for a
two months visa, and will be the most difficult step because we have to convince the embassy that we deserve visa travel for two months.

What will we do there?

We will join the team that is working there, and we will be involved mainly in:


  1. helping-handN_orbo_o project – a project of evangelize and disciple women through making handcrafts. Details here.
  2. Visits in villages aroung X_inin_g where students families live. Is about the students which the team works with.
  3. Meetings with non-Christian students in the city where we will stay, Xi_nin_g.
  4. We will participate in a conference with all mi_ssionaries of that area (about 100) to be introduced. That will help us in the process of deciding for the next step.

We will come back with details abouth the process.

Once we receive visa, we buy plane tickets and we will know the exact date when we leave.

For those of you who want to join us financialy for this mission trip we have added the necessary budget.

Budget mission C_hin_a

  • visa 240 ron ron * 4 persons – 215 euro
  • trip to Bucharest for visa –  50 euro
  • Budapest-Beijing flight – 450 euro * 3 persons – 1350 euro
  • Transportation to Budapest and back – 100 euro
  • The Beijing Transportation Xining – 3 persons*120 euro = 360 euro
  • Food – 300 euro
  • Accommodation – 120 euro
  • Insurance – 120 euro
  • Conference (want to participate in a conference with all workers in the area to know and link relationships for the future work) – 150 euro
  • Emergencies – 200 euro (in case of medical emergencies we have to pay, and at the return we receive money back from insurance)Total – 2965-3000 euro, we have 550 euro allready

If you want to donate you can make it to our accounts

PayPal - danilidapop@gmail.com
BCR Account - Pop Lidia
Transilvania Bank Account - Pop Grigore Daniel
RO17BTRL05801201U46830XX - Ron
RO89BTRL05804201U46830XX - Euro
Branch Medias, Str. ST.L.Roth, nr 1
Swift code BTRLRO22xxx




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