“Precious” project

 “Precious” in tib_etan language is “N_ORBO_O”

Precious purpose is to carry Gospel of the Kingdom to tib_etans in all areas C_hin_a.

is the project try to do that?

HELPING WOMEN IN RURAL AREAS – by providing job and training in the field. There are many women in rural area of T_ibe_t who are very skillful in making crafts, but have no possibility of making them and selling them. The project aims at creating a platform through which women from poor areas to get a job and to have access to a market outlets for items you create, be discipled in handicraft work and share the gospel with them either.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – by creating new jobs and implementing Christian principles in community development.

PLATFORM FOR LOCAL WORKERS – for foreigners is very restricted access in rural areas of T_ibe_t, especially when it comes to long period (over 2 weeks). Precious project provides a platform through which foreigners have a legal access to longer period in villages of the area.


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