Pieces from missionary life – January 2017


Dreaming Again – We leave for two months in C_hin_a

inapoiAfter years of waiting we started planning a missionary trip, pray for us to have the wisdom we need in order for us to reach our goal. The first challenge is to get the two months tourism visa, it usually gets issued for one month.

The last several years were hard for us regarding the desire to leave for C_hin_a because we couldn’t even go for a short time for different reasons.

In all this time we prayed and thought how could we bless C_hin_a from here? We managed to help the missionaries that we supported and sent by us, but we felt it’s not enough. So we prayed and asked God to open doors for us again to go there even for a short time.

o pozaThe good news is that this year we can go again in C_hin_a for two months. We want to go in May-June to help the people who are invested there, but also to see how our children could adapt to that life.

We will come back with details about what will be doing there and the challenges we’ll face planning this trip.

House of Nations – A prayer house for the nations

 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:38


The YWAM Medias is the place where God form people who are ready to listen to Him, whatever the cost of listening is and to deliver the Gospel of the Kingdom all over Romania and all over the world.

That’s why we are here, to be that kind of people, to support that kind of people, to form that kind of people. We are now 17 adults and 7 children and what we do together is: The Apprentice School (April-August), The Promise Festival (August), Working with Youth from around Medias (whole year) and preparing new workers for God (whole year) to be ready to expand the Kingdom of God wherever they may be.

God also called us to be a house of prayer for the nations – a place where you can advocate for God’s Church. That is why since last year we dedicated a room from our building which can be used any time to pray for the Church of God.

Pray that more people join us.

The year of the Bible – more than 3000 homes will have a Bible

We can’t speak with all the people that don’t know about Jesus, we give-biblecan’t answer to all the questions that they have and we can’t spend hours and hours with each of them to explain who is Jesus, but if we put a Bible in their home we’ve done them all.

That is why God gave us this goal for 2017, which is to bring the Bible printed or audio to over 3000 families located around Medias.

Be a part of this vision!


  • Pray
  • Donate a Bible
  • Come with us to put Jesus in every living room of every family.

Investing in Romanian youth – CEAI Program (Who is this Jesus)

“But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.” Isaiah 32:8

img_0990For at least one year God put us this chocolate yoke for the young generation from Medias and He speaks to us again and again to focus on the young generation in everything we do.

Our thought is to start a youth group which will focus on spreading the word of God to young people who are not Christians and communicating the Gospel in a more understanding way to this generation called “screenagers”.

prayPray with us for:

  • Open doors to be able to leave for two months in C_hin_a.

  • New workers for God at YWAM Medias.

  • The Youth Program which we want to start in Medias.


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